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Aleppo Soap 35% Laurel

19 AUD
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Aleppo Soap 35% Laurel

19 AUD

Aleppo Soap 35% Laurel 200gm

Authentic Aleppo soap, steeped in history, is famous for its remarkable treatment qualities. 

For over two thousand years, since Mesopotamian times, the ancient hand production methods remain unchanged. 

Heated in cauldrons, mild extra virgin Olive Oil of superior quality, obtained by grinding whole olives between millstones, is enriched with purifying, healing and moisturising Laurel Oil, then cut into blocks, individually stamped, and set out in arches to dry for 9 months in the warm Levantine sun. During the drying process, the soap hardens and changes colour externally from olive green to golden yellow. The resulting hard soap has a luxurious, creamy feel when wet. 

100% natural, this traditional blend has generous emollient and restorative properties, used for face, body and hair. Aleppo soap ensures healthy, nourished skin and a fresh, bright complexion whilst respecting the skins natural moisture balance. The antiseptic and healing qualities of Laurel Oil help restore balance, soothe irritated skin and relieve allergic conditions.  

The higher the concentration of Laurel Oil (5% to 35%), the milder the finished soap. 

Authentic Allepo soap does not contain any chemicals, synthetic derivatives, emulsifiers, laureth sulphate Paraben, PEG, EDTA, formaldehyde, hydroxyethyl, BHT, phenoxyethanol, silicone, preservative, added perfume, acid or animal fats, 100% plant based. Not tested on animals.  

Use with water on wet skin, with or without wash mitt, avoid eyes, rinse thoroughly after use. Soap should be kept dry between uses, we suggest a soap dish.